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Welcome to The Polished Pineapple, a locally owned and trusted Commercial Cleaning service founded in 2013 by Morgan Munroe to cater to the unique needs of the Williamsburg community. At The Polished Pineapple, we go beyond just cleaning – we create a pristine spaces that elevate your workspace environment. Morgan has carefully selected a team of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every cleaning task. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our high ratings, establishing us as a leading name in the commercial cleaning industry.

As a company, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of cleaning services that include Business Office Space cleaning, Fitness Centers & Spa maintenance, Medical and Dental Offices hygiene, meticulous Window cleaning, and peace-of-mind Move-In/Move-Out services. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail sets us apart, ensuring that your space not only meets but exceeds cleanliness standards.

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Morgan Munroe - The Polished Pineapple Williamsburg - commercial cleaning service
Morgan is the owner of The Polished Pineapple

Morgan is the owner of The Polished Pineapple.  Currently, she is working in all aspects of the business.   However, she is working towards creating and maintaining systems, along with being the visionary for The Polished Pineapple.  Previously, Morgan has worked in administration, retail, and automobile detailing.  In each of her positions, she always ended up being in charge of staging, organizing, and cleaning.  One of her previous bosses coined the term "Morganizing."  Morgan enjoys her family, photography, decorating, hiking, and water sports.  Creating little adventures and activities around everyday life is one of her favorite things to do with the people, and pup she loves most.  It is her inspiration and drive for running a commercial cleaning business.  "The more places we clean and clean well, the more other business owners have free time to pursue the things that bring them joy."

David Munroe - The Polished Pineapple Williamsburg - commercial cleaning service
David Munroe General Manager

Dave is our "Jack of all Trades" here at The Polished Pineapple.  Dave cleans, works in the office, and fills in where he is needed.  Dave is responsible for invoicing and networking.  Dave has worked part time for The Polished Pineapple since 2014.  In February of 2022, Dave left his full-time job to join The Polished Pineapple full time.  From time to time, Dave continues to work in the private investigating field.   In addition to private investigating, Dave has also worked in management and surveillance.  When Dave isn't working he enjoys his family, friends, and gaming.  He also enjoys collecting, although the collections have changed over the years.  Currently, he enjoys collecting sneakers.  If you see him out and about, be sure to take a look at his shoes, they won't disappoint!

A J Harris - The Polished Pineapple Williamsburg - commercial cleaning service
AJ Harris - Commercial Cleaner

AJ is a Commercial Cleaner at The Polished Pineapple. Typically, AJ is cleaning in the late afternoon and evenings. However, you might catch him at the office a bit earlier. He does a fabulous job of keeping our trash, dishes, and laundry ready for the crew. AJ is a detail oriented person, and does a great job maintaining the vacuums. You know you are getting a well maintained, cleaned, and sanitized vacuum each visit. In AJ’s past, he has worked in landscaping and medical cleaning. AJ enjoys podcasts, movies, and shows. If you want to talk MCU, he is your guy! During softball season AJ makes time to support the little girl he has pretty much raised since her birth by attending her games and practices. AJ does a great job cleaning and we are happy to have him on our team!

Maximus Ashby - The Polished Pineapple Commercial Cleaning Service Williamsburg
Maximus Ashby - Assistant

Maximus is an assistant at The Polished Pineapple.  Maximus cleans, works in the office, and otherwise helps out as needed.  If there is an odd job that requires balance, heights, and/or high energy Maximus is the first to volunteer.   Maximus is currently attending Lois Hornsby Middle School where he enjoys theater, science, and athletics.  A few years ago Maximus had the opportunity to be in a music video.   Since then, Maximus decided he would like a career in acting and modeling.  When Maximus isn't at school or work, he enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and anything that gets him out of the house and keeps him active.  Maximus has grown up at The Polished Pineapple .  He is a ball of energy, fun to be around, and a hard worker.  We have been impressed with his work ethic from a very young age and we know you will be too!

Titus Ashby - The Polished Pineapple Williamsburg - commercial cleaning service
Titus Ashby - Assistant

Titus is an assistant at The Polished Pineapple.  Titus cleans, works in the office, and otherwise fills in where he is needed.  You will see Titus most in the summer and over school breaks.  You have most likely interacted with Titus during the onboarding process.    Titus is responsible for sending out W-9's and requesting a certificate of insurance.  Titus has grown up in  The Polished Pineapple.  We are grateful that this hasn't turned him off from business ownership and instead has inspired him.  Titus attends Lafayette High School, with a course direction of business, Along with high school, he is taking a business certification course and hopes to open his own business in the next few years.  When Titus isn't in school or working he enjoys playing Lacrosse, spending time with friends and family, and engaging in creative activities.  Titus is friendly, likeable, and in general a pleasure to be around.

Melvin Woods - The Polished Pineapple Williamsburg - commercial cleaning service
Melvin Woods - Commercial Cleaner

Melvin is a Commercial Cleaner at The Polished Pineapple. Typically, Melvin cleans on Sundays and weekday evenings. However, you might catch him at the office a bit earlier. He is in charge of keeping our office space sanitized, including the brooms, mops, etc.: thus, keeping you and your team healthy. Melvin is a caring and relational person. This is evident in both his work and personal life. If you overhear Melvin talking you can pretty much guarantee it’s about how to better a close friends or family member’s life. Melvin is currently working in retail also. His customer service skills are a welcomed addition to The Polished Pineapple. You can also catch him working out at the gym or drawing something fun. Although Melvin is new to cleaning, he is doing a great job, eager to learn, and please you as our customer!

Cheryl is The Polished Pineapple’s “Jane of all Trades”.
Cheryl Wren

Cheryl is The Polished Pineapple’s “Jane of all Trades”. Typically, Cheryl is covering schedule gaps in the evenings. You will catch her here in the office from time to time when she is needed as well. Cheryl is a wonderful cleaner, sales representative, encourager, and a solutionist.  You know you are getting a fair price, excellent clean, and honest feedback when you are dealing with Cheryl. In her past, she has worked in residential cleaning, corporate management, and in event planning. When she isn’t with her boyfriend, children, or grandchildren, Cheryl  enjoys reading, baking, and cooking. We so enjoy her energy, confidence, and sincerity. We can’t wait for you to get to know her because we know you will enjoy her as much as we do!

LaVar Roots is a commercial cleaner working for the Polished Pineapple Cleaning service
LaVar Roots - Commercial Cleaner

LaVar is a Commercial Cleaner at The Polished Pineapple. LaVar is typically cleaning in the evenings and early mornings. He isn’t going to waste time, he is a get to work, get it done and done well type of person. We have been privileged to have him work for us since 2017. In LaVar’s past, he has worked as a manager in a photo lab and owned his own photography business. He enjoys art, photography, and video games. LaVar spends as much time as he can with his teenage daughter and attending her many extra curricular activities. We love how steady and loyal LaVar is for his family and friends, and for us and our customers. With LaVar what you see is what you get and what you get is very good.

Jaida Lee is a commercial cleaner working for The Polished Pineapple cleaning service Williamsburg VA
Jaida Lee - Commercial Cleaner

Jaida is a Commercial Cleaner at The Polished Pineapple. She also babysits and dogsits.  Jaida is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to keep the day running smoothly and transitions between each type of job seamlessly.  Jaida has been a part of our work family since 2021.  Her attitude towards life and work are inspiring.  We want to keep Jaida forever and ever, but we see her in a future with the elderly and/or young children.  She brings tremendous joy to these groups of people.  She has patience like no other.   For now, we send her to as many places as possible with young children or elderly people.  When Jaida isn't working, she spends her time with family.   Jaida enjoys concerts, vacations, and food.  To know Jaida is to love Jaida.

Hamish is an assistant at The Polished Pineapple.
Hamish Munroe

Hamish is an assistant at The Polished Pineapple.  He loves coming to the office and going to lunch.  He helps with whatever is needed, and is glad to work alongside others.  Hamish is growing up at The Polished Pineapple.  He attends Williamsburg Montessouri School, and he isn't sure what he wants to do for a career, but he knows he wants to be married.  When Hamish isn't at school or at the office, he still enjoys cleaning.  You will often find him with soap and a sponge, cleaning all types of things.  Hamish enjoys spending a lot of time with his brothers.  He enjoys making recipes, building, and coloring.  Hamish works hard when it's time to work, and plays hard when it is time to play.  Hamish makes us laugh, will keep you on your toes, and has a heart of gold!

Ashley Monroe (son of owner) - The Polished Pineapple Williamsburg - The top commercial cleaner in Williamsburg
Archer Munroe

Archer is an assistant here at The Polished Pineapple.  He works in the office and helps clean as well.  Archer is growing up here at The Polished Pineapple.  He is eager to work to have income to save and purchase what he wants.  Archer has very strong convictions and an iron will.  He is currrently in elementary school at DJ Montague.  He enjoys numbers, gym, and lunch the most.  Archer isn't sure what he would like to do when he grows up yet, however, we are pretty sure it will involve numbers.  To him everything revolves around numbers.  When Archer isn't at school or work, he enjoys spending time with his brothers, playing games, and having friends over.  With Archer you never have to guess what he is thinking.  You know you are getting an honest answer, like it or not!


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