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The Polished Pineapple Commercial Cleaning service is locally owned, and was started in 2013 by Morgan Monrow to serve the Williamsburg community.  Morgan has put together a team of experience people who know the in's and out's of the commercial cleaning business.  As a commercial cleaning company they are highly rated and are best know for the following cleaning services; 1) Business Office Space, 2) Fitness Centers & Spa's, 3) Medical and Dental Offices, 4) Windows, 5) Move In / Move Out piece of mind cleaning, etc.

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Morgan Munroe (McGinty) is the Owner of The Polished Pineapple
Morgan Munroe (McGinty) is the Owner of The Polished Pineapple 

You will still see Morgan out and about cleaning, however she is moving towards creating and maintaining systems, along with being the visionary for the growth of The Polished Pineapple.  Previously, Morgan has been an administrative assistant, worked in retail, and car detailing.  In each of her positions she has always ended up being in charge of organizing, cleaning, and staging.  Morgan enjoys her family time, photography, decorating, hiking, and water sports.  Don’t be fooled by “hiking” her idea of nature is on a trail where an urban setting is with in her sights and a cold beer with a cheeseburger are readily accessible!

David Munroe is The Polished Pineapple’s General Manager
David Munroe is The Polished Pineapple’s General Manager

He is in charge of overseeing the general operations.  Previously, David, has been a manager/ assistant manager at Maggie Moos, Jos. A. Bank, and Tower of Games.  He has also worked in surveillance and continues to work as a private investigator.  David enjoys time with his family, collecting sneakers, video and table top gaming.  A cleaner with an extraordinary eye for detail, if you see David out and about, take a look at his shoes. They won’t disappoint!

Vivien King - The Polished Pineapple's Office Coordinator
Vivien King is The Polished Pineapple’s Office Coordinator
Although you will still see her out and about cleaning usually it will be Vivien answering phone calls, working on invoices, and in general making sure the office items are handled. In her past Vivien has owned a boutique in Viareggio, near Pisa. Since she speaks 3 languages she was also an interpreter for the police department in Lucca, Italy. Viven loves spending time with her 3 beautiful children, art, ice skating, designing, and trying new foods. Vivien has been fortunate to travel and live in many different locations. She embodies the best of many cultures

LaVar Roots is The Polished Pineapple’s Commercial Supervisor.
LaVar Roots is The Polished Pineapple’s Commercial Supervisor

LaVar maintains a positive relationship between The Polished Pineapple, our employees, and our commercial customers. LaVar has previously managed a photo lab, and owned his own Photography business.  At each of his previous jobs, and here, his mechanical inclination has helped tremendously.  In LaVar’s free time he enjoys his children, making music, photography, art, studying languages, and video games.  LaVar works hard and it shows.  His strength is borderline super human.

Cheryl Wren is The Polished Pineapple’s Residential Supervisor
Cheryl Wren is The Polished Pineapple’s Residential Supervisor 

You won’t catch her sitting in an office for long.  She is busy meeting potential customers for estimates, creating proposals, scheduling our employees for residential cleans, and, cleaning right along side the team.  Cheryl has worked in the cleaning industry in the past along with exciting careers such as a trauma tech in the ER, and Event Planning.  When she is home from work she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, and adorable grand babies.  She also enjoys reading and movies.  We try not to keep her too busy so she has plenty of time for cooking and baking. If you have had not any of Cheryl’s dishes, get in line!

The Polished Pineapple’s Supply Coordinator
The Polished Pineapple’s Supply Coordinator

Grace Silva or as we like to call her, Gracey Face, is The Polished Pineapple’s Supply Coordinator.  Grace ensures the team has the equipment, and supplies they need for the day by maintaining the laundry and keeping up with our inventory systems.  She also keeps the team on track with their time and scheduling.  Although this is Grace’s first official job while growing up she has been a pet sitter, caregiver, and cleaned churches with her family.  When she isn’t keeping us on track Grace enjoys swimming, nature, art, and family time.  As a child she loved to study animals and knows a lot of animal facts.

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