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Thinking About a Career in Cleaning?

Thinking about a career in cleaning and your wondering how it would benefit you?…

Are you you looking to be more active?  Did you know on average people burn between 170-300 calories per hour cleaning.  

Are you looking for a career?  You have come to the right place because we have room to grow!

Are you looking for a flexible work schedule while you go to school, raise your kids, turn your side hustle into your main gig?  We want to see you succeed and we offer flexible schedules.  

Are you wanting to feel accomplished?  With cleaning you will see immediate results.  

Looking for a part time job please consider the Polished Pineapple Williamsburg VA

What Makes The Polished Pineapple so Special?

All the things! We believe in a day of rest! We are completely closed on Saturdays. Rest your brain, and body, sleep in, stay up late, hang out with family, go on an adventure, it’s up to you, just be sure to enjoy it! All of our staff is compassionate towards how hard you are working. Everyone of us has started by being a cleaner and when it’s needed, you will see us scrubbing along side of you. We also give each cleaner another task. Cleaning is hard work, we understand you will need some variety from time to time. We can’t wait to see what other tasks you excel at. The biggest difference is our culture. Our team and customers are a joy to be around and work with.

jobs at the Polished Pineapple cleaning service in Williamsburg va

Looking for a part time job please consider the Polished Pineapple Williamsburg VA

We are looking for awesome people the Polished Pineapple of Williamsburg VA

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